5 things you need to know before installing a stone swimming pool

Stone Swimming Pool

Live the life of luxury with a stone swimming pool at home

If you have decided not to take a holiday abroad for the last 2 years, we are sure you will be missing the stone swimming pool just as much as we have. Being able to take a dip first thing in the morning, occupy the children and cool off when it’s hot are just some of the wonderful benefits you can get when you go swimming abroad.

Gone are the days however when we have to rely on going on holiday to splash about in a stone swimming pool. With careful planning and the right team in place, this is very much an option for your home! This month, Coulon Stone take a look at the top important elements you will need to consider before moving ahead with the installation of your stone swimming pool and how your trusted stonemasons can help you achieve the perfect outdoor pool for your home.

5 things you will need to consider for your private stone swimming pool

If you have decided to go ahead and install a stone swimming pool in your back garden, we can imagine you are full of ideas and excitement to get going. But before you get ahead of yourself in digging foundations and picking out plants to complement the area, check these 5 top tips to make sure you are ready.

Type of pool

Have you decided on the type of pool you would like to have? There are a lot of choices with outdoor swimming pools including a spa pool, infinity pools or natural swimming pools to name but a few!


As you may have gathered, building a stone swimming pool in your garden is not a cheap exercise, however, it can add huge value to your house if you choose to sell it further down the line and it adds great value to your family time. Think of all the joy you could get out of a swimming pool just steps from your house. Don’t underestimate the true cost of installing a pool at home.

Picking the proper site

Have you thought out where your swimming pool is likely to go in your garden? Extra considerations have to be taken into account if you share a wall or fence with a neighbour and you will need to be sure you have extra room around the pool so it is completely accessible.

Extras you may not have thought of

Always left until the last minute, the little extras that make our swimming pool stand out from the rest can often bump your budget up. Consider the natural stone paving you would like to have around your ground pool walkways. Have you thought about fencing and protection if you have any smaller children with access to the garden? If your pool is outside, how will you protect it when the colder weather sets in? Lastly, how will you decorate the area? Choose from sun loungers, plants and decking to complete your pool look.

Cleaning and maintenance

Lastly, don’t forget about the cleaning and maintenance of your pool. Chemicals are required to maintain your Ph balance and the sides and bottom of your pool will need cleaning regularly to keep it maintained and healthy. There are cleaning companies who specialise in swimming pool cleaning and this could be a big weight off your mind.

Ideas and inspiration for your stone swimming pool design

At Coulon Stone, there is nothing we are more passionate about than helping our clients turn their dreams of stone swimming pools into a reality. Our team are stone experts and can give you all the knowledge and advice you need on choosing the right stone to accompany your pool, as well as stone pathways that complement your overall look. No matter whether you have an idea in mind or you need support with inspiration, Coulon Stone can help you find the ideal materials to use.

Lighting and landscaping are also incredibly important when you are looking to complete your back garden look. Lighting can be built into the stonework we provide and can also be incorporated into the landscaping you have done to give a uniform look throughout your garden. Fix your pool covers and privacy screens to your stonework and don’t forget about your electrical outlets and pool shading.

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Coulon Stone are your local stonemasons with experience in stone cladding private swimming pools

The beauty of your own private pool will be an extension of your own home and lifestyle. And, the thought of sitting by it, on it, or in it all summer long, is almost too good to be true.

If you want to know more about our swimming pool experience or you are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming stone swimming pool project, speak to our team today to see how we can help!