A Conscious Christmas Gift Ideas

Marble Chopping Board And Pestle And Mortar

There are many ways to make Christmas more conscious this year, whether that’s choosing recyclable paper (because did you know most wrapping paper is not recyclable), mindfully buying gifts that the recipient will truly love and make use of,  avoiding gifts that are plastic heavy, and shopping from independent and local businesses. Only good can come from limiting waste and shopping more sustainably.

But if you’re stuck for ideas and you have a loved one who digs all things home and kitchen then we have some environmentally conscious gift ideas made from natural materials that will last a lifetime, all whilst supporting a local business.

Natural Stone Chopping or Serving Boards

For a truly unique and bespoke Christmas present for your loved one visit our showroom near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, and from our impressive stock pick out a natural stone that we’ll handcraft into a beautiful chopping or serving board to your exact measurements. If you’re lucky you might even find a stone with fossils in it.

A natural stone board is versatile, low maintenance and really easy to clean. They are most popular in granite or marble creating a beautiful board which can be left out on your kitchen worktop as a permanent display piece, or used to serve cheese and charcuterie boards at the dining table. Nothing says the ‘wow factor’ at a dinner party like a handcrafted, natural stone serving board.

Pestle and Mortar

For the keen cooks out there a handcrafted pestle and mortar makes a great gift. The hefty weight and deep bowl means it won’t slip and slide as your grind, and spices, seeds and nuts won’t jump about. Choose a rustic look that combines rough and smooth granite, or for a modern take choose a sleek, shiny marble. They also look great displayed on open shelving or on top of your kitchen worktop.

Natural Stone Styling Tray

Yet another opportunity to visit our showroom and create a bespoke, handcrafted Christmas gift for a loved one made completely from natural materials. Pick out a natural stone and we’ll handcraft a styling tray to your measurements. We think these trays look particularly beautiful in an emerald green marble, charcoal grey granite, classic Carrara marble or like the one to the left made from Wild West Limestone, a particularly hard, non-porous limestone from the US.

Turn your ottoman into a coffee table by placing one of these granite, marble or limestone trays on top of it, now you have somewhere to rest your drink. Or place the styling tray on top of a table or cabinet to display flowers, candles, and other decorative items. Rubber feet can be added to protect your surfaces.

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