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Stone Mason
What does a stone mason do? A stone mason cuts and prepares stone to build or repair stone structures and surfaces. This includes structures and surfaces in domestic homes and historical buildings,...
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Everything you need to know before building a stone staircase

Stone Staircase
Why should you have a stone staircase in your home?  Imagine a house with a stone staircase. It’s probably a pretty nice house, but whilst they continue to be popular in larger homes, they are beco...
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5 considerations you need to make before restoring your listed stone property

Listed Stone Property
An introduction to listed stone properties and grades Since the pandemic, the housing market has seen growth like never before. New houses are not being constructed quickly enough, and prices are g...
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5 things you need to know before installing a stone swimming pool

Stone Swimming Pool
Live the life of luxury with a stone swimming pool at home If you have decided not to take a holiday abroad for the last 2 years, we are sure you will be missing the stone swimming pool just as &he...
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Why should you consider memorial restoration in 2022?

Memorial Restoration
The importance of memorial restoration A memorial is a statue or structure that is put in place to remind people of a past event, a historic place or a person/group who need commemorating. Featured...
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The importance of working with a trusted stonemason on your church restoration

Trusted stonemason
Coulon Stone are your trusted stonemason for all church projects Temples, churches and other religious structures are places of pilgrimage for most people. They are also a source of great inspirati...
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Marble front steps that perfect your pumpkin decoration

Marble front steps
When many of us think of marble, we think of beautiful Italian palaces, places of great expense and luxury and of course, that incredible off-white veiny stone that sets any residence off beautiful...
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Beautiful natural stone buildings around the world

natural stone buildings 
The use of natural stone for buildings is one of the most popular options for designers, architects and builders. There are many reasons why natural stone is used in buildings, including natural be...
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The ultimate guide to choosing your kitchen worktop

The ultimate guide to choosing your kitchen worktop | Coulon Stone
Whether you are looking to upgrade the kitchen in your current home, or looking to renovate the worktops in a new property, there are numerous options available to choose from. The worktops are one...
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Composite Stone Worktops to enhance your kitchen

Pexels Max - Composite Stone Worktops
Our kitchen is the heart of our home. They are an entertainment hub where friends and family flock to gather for a meal and connect with each other, and this means that for many of us the kitchen i...
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