Bringing the outside in: Natural Stone products in your home

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Natural stones are a stunning material for kitchen, backsplash and bathroom surfaces. There is quite an extensive range from which to choose. The many colours and patterns of natural stone tiles offer endless design opportunities. They allow you to use them in any style of architecture, old or new. Coulon Stone provide great selections of natural stone products.

Why should you implement natural stone in your home?

When it comes to our homes, we always want to improve them and make them look better. If you are saying this about your home, then we suggest you use natural stone in it. Natural stones are beautiful materials that may add value to your home’s interiors.  Natural stone is available in tiles and slabs and can be used in a variety of ways for interior design and decoration. But before going through the concept, you need to know that what is a natural stone and why it is considered an excellent material to use for home décor purposes?

Natural stone is a stunning material for kitchen countertops, bathroom wall and shower surfaces and more. Homeowners are increasingly making the switch from trendy granite countertops to natural stone. While granite remains a popular choice because of its durability and resistance to staining compared to natural stone, it can be expensive. Natural stones are increasing in popularity because they add elegance and beauty to space.

Natural stones are also used as wall tiles, flooring materials or even for covering fireplaces. They come in many different colours and textures based on their origin, including limestone, marble, travertine, slate, and soapstone. One of the most significant considerations when deciding which natural stone to use in your home is the cost.


How to choose a natural stone to compliment your home

Natural stone can be one of the most impressive home surfaces. For example, it’s no wonder that kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities have a long tradition of being made from natural stone or marble. Another excellent example of where natural stone is a stunning material is bathrooms, mainly for the shower wall and floor.

If you are looking at stone for your bathroom worktops or fireplace surrounds, limestone is an excellent choice as it works well in places with less ‘traffic’ due to its durability. Limestone has a beautiful natural look and comes in various earthy colours that would work well as a backdrop to a roaring fire or an excellent base for your bathroom worktops.

Granite is a complex natural stone and can withstand the high use of flooring and kitchen worktops. Its beautiful natural colour and grain add incredible depth that catches the eye quickly. Cleaning and maintaining granite is effortless, and you can achieve great results with minimal time spent.

There can only be one choice for your staircases if you want a centrepiece that wows your guests. Marble has been used in staircases for many years due to being a long-lasting and hardwearing stone. Marble delivers a classic, luxurious feel to your home, producing more depth than a choice such as quartz.

An excellent choice for flooring and shower areas has to be slate. A hard, natural stone that offers a non-slip surface due to its finish, you can be sure that your floors will be both pleasing to the eye and safe for both adults and children.

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Tips for cleaning and maintaining your natural stone

Once you have your stone product in your home, it’s essential to know how to clean and maintain it to ensure it stays looking as good as new. But how do you maintain your stone product?

Limestone is a raw material that you would clean and treat very differently from a material such as composite quartz. Limestone is porous and therefore needs treatment to decrease the chances of staining and scratching. Brushing to keep it dust-free is always a good start and can make a surprising difference to the look of your stone. Sealing it with a product like Dry Treats Stain Proof Plus every one to two years will not only prolong its life but decrease chances of staining or scratching. This is an excellent step to do if your stone is used in a high traffic area like the kitchen. For daily cleaning, avoid house cleaning products and bleach – opt for a cleaner with a natural PH balance and only use a soft cloth to prevent scratching.

Slate, like Limestone, is a natural product best sourced locally. Slate is a more durable stone that works incredibly well as a flooring choice due to its non-slip surface. Slate should be sealed and maintained similarly to limestone, including sealing it with Dry Treats Stain Proof Plus every one to two years. Clean it regularly using a natural PH balanced cleanser and a soft cloth to prevent scratching.

Natural stone products near you with Coulon Stone

Working with natural stone is one of those things that only a professional could do. Something anyone can grab at the store, right? Well, we guess you could. But why would you when there are so many locally sourced slab options available? These slabs look great anywhere and are renewable resources that are slowly becoming more and more popular to use in homebuilding.

Coulon Stone, trading since 1990, has built a plethora of information, advice and experience when working with natural stone. We have a vast array of stone products, and you can view these for yourself at our showroom in Stokenchurch, with great access just off the M40. Coulon Stone pride itself on providing you with the best quality stone products you can get and the support and guidance that genuinely makes your stone shine. Please get in contact with us to see how we can help you.