Improve your home appearance with natural stone cladding

Natural Stone Cladding
Why you should choose natural stone cladding for your home exterior If you want to upgrade the exterior of your property, whether to increase its curb appeal or make it more attractive, you may wis...
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Frequently Asked Questions | Stone Mason | Coulon Stone

Stone Mason
What does a stone mason do? A stone mason cuts and prepares stone to build or repair stone structures and surfaces. This includes structures and surfaces in domestic homes and historical buildings,...
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What is Composite Quartz?

Silestone (Cemento Spa) Kitchen Worktop (3) man-made quartz
Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth, and it’s also one of the hardest. Over 60 years ago early manufacturers of composite or man-made quartz saw its potential as a hardy surface material, ...
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How To Use Natural Stone To Enhance Your Home

Natural stone bathroom
Home décor trends come and go, but one that is here to stay is natural stone. The use of these gorgeous products turns a drab property into a majestic home with minimal effort. If you search for ho...
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How To Incorporate The Rustic Trend Into Your Home With Slate Worktops

Rustic Kitchen
Rustic interior design is the latest trend in the home décor market, and slate worktops can help you to achieve the perfect look. When you visit Instagram or check out celebrity homes, you’ll see m...
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