Clean and care tips for your granite, marble or quartz kitchen worktop

Cosmic Black Granite (matte Finish) Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops in natural stone or composite quartz are a stylish and durable addition to your home. Heat, stain and scratch resistant these low maintenance materials are perfect for tough environments like busy family homes or businesses, especially when compared to wood or glass.

But even the toughest cookies need some love and care, particularly when subject to the assaults of everyday life - excessive moisture, acidic spills and sharp objects.

Here are some tips to keeping your granite, marble and quartz worktops looking lovely for longer.

Clean And Care Tips 04

SEAL OF APPROVAL – Granite and man-made quartz are relatively non-porous compared to their softer sister marble, who is at risk of staining if exposed to potent liquids like red wine. However all worktops need to be sealed to boost their stain resisting properties. Check your supplier has sealed your worktop properly before it’s fitted, and then reseal yourself every 1-2 years for marble, and every 5 for granite and quartz. We recommend Dry Treat’s Stain Proof Plus which can be bought on their online shop at

DON'T SCOUR – Scouring pads and sponges may lift layers of sealer leaving your worktop vulnerable to staining. They can also scratch the surface if used on softer stones like marble or limestone. Instead leave sticky stains to soak under soapy water.

TOO HARSH – Similarly to scouring pads, bleaches and other harsh cleaning chemicals can lift layers of seal from your quartz, marble or granite worktop. Instead use a mild dish soap or PH neutral surface cleaner with a dish cloth.

BUFF IT – This one is not a necessity but for an extra shiny, just fitted look, buff your worktop once a week with a stone polish and soft cloth. Pledge have a good multi-surface polish, or we recommend Granite Clean and Sheen which you can buy from us by contacting us by calling us on 01494 484333 or emailing us on