Slate is perfect for bathroom surfaces including shower trays and floor tiles because of its non-slip texture, but slate is a strong and sturdy natural material that can also work very well as a rustic kitchen worktop or fire surround.

Clean and care tips​​


whilst granite is relatively non-porous compared to its softer sisters marble and limestone, it’s still important to seal any granite surface to help boost its stain resisting properties. Your kitchen fitter or stone mason should ensure that their product is correctly sealed before fitting; however it’s always worth double checking yourself. You can then reseal your top every 1-2 years to really stop the staining.


Clean it with a gentle, surface cleaner, ideally PH neutral. Avoid bleaches and other harsh cleaning chemicals which can lift layers of seal from your slate. Use a gentle cloth when cleaning, do not use a scourer pad which will scratch the surface and remove sealer.

Slate Berkshire

Some yes, particularly if polished

Can it be made water tight?