How To Use Natural Stone To Enhance Your Home

Natural stone bathroom

Home décor trends come and go, but one that is here to stay is natural stone. The use of these gorgeous products turns a drab property into a majestic home with minimal effort.

If you search for home inspiration online, you’ll often see glorious images of homes with natural stone throughout. While it might seem effortless, the team at Coulon Stone, a leading stone supplier, knows that it takes a lot of skill and creative flair to produce the perfect effect.

Using natural stone is an ideal way to turn your home into a luxurious, welcoming palace. If you want to use natural stone in your home, then carry on reading to see our expert tips.

Cover Your Floor In Natural Stone

Your home’s floor has to withstand a lot of wear. As such, you need to choose a floor covering that is beautiful and hardwearing.

While some trends in flooring come and go, changing your floors takes a lot of effort. Therefore, you must choose a floor that will look amazing and be in style for many years to come.

Stone tiles are the perfect solution for covering the floor of most homes. Natural stone tiles work in almost every room, whether it’s a wet room like the bathroom or a communal area like a living room.

If you’re worried that natural stone tiles will feel cold under your feet, or be uncomfortable, then you can add a rug. A comfortable area rug, or a small and stylish one, will help you to switch up your style and keep your room snug.

Use Stone For An Elegant Yet Practical Bathroom Surround

Bathroom fixtures and surrounds often get splashed with water, which can damage some materials. Natural products such as wood and bamboo, while fashionable, can easily get damaged in a bathroom.

One natural product that doesn’t get damaged by water is stone. Almost every stone material that we stock can be used in a bathroom to create a gorgeous surface that lasts a lifetime. It also doesn’t need a lot of cleaning, so you won’t have to work as hard to keep it pristine.

Incorporate Our Products Into Your Kitchen

The kitchen is another room in the house that requires a durable surface. Worktops deal with a lot of stresses and strains, so they need to be sturdy.

Natural stone is the ideal solution for any beautiful yet functional kitchen. You can use a variety of materials, including stone tiles, to create a gorgeous look that is always in style.

As stone is hardwearing and doesn’t chip, splinter, or crack easily, it will look fantastic for many years. Products like wood require a lot of varnishing and easily get damaged in a kitchen. However, stone worktops will look great no matter what happens.

Add A Homely Stone Fireplace

Stone is the perfect material for fireplaces, as it isn’t flammable. It’s also durable, and as such, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

That’s why stone is a popular material for homeowners looking to add a resplendent fireplace to their living room. If you’re looking for a gorgeous fireplace, then consider using stone to create a stunning finish that lasts.

Whether it’s a practical and versatile solution like limestone or a majestic material such as marble, we can use a variety of materials for your new fireplace.

Create A Tranquil Outdoor Space

Natural stone isn’t just for inside; you can also use it to enhance your garden. Consider using a durable natural product, such as granite, to create a bench for visitors to rest on while they’re having fun outdoors. You could also create a quirky statue from stone to showcase your unique taste.

Whatever you need, we can help. As a team of experienced stone suppliers, we’ve undertaken many unique projects over the years, so we know how to turn your ideas into reality. Our experts can collaborate with you to transform any part of your home or garden using our quality stone materials.

Find A Reliable Natural Stone Provider

When you’re using natural stone to improve the look and feel of your home, you need the right stone supplier. Coulon Stone offers a wide range of high-quality stone products, including granite, slate, man-made composite quartz, and many more.

As well as our quality products, we also offer advice and support on how to maintain them. We have an online guide to stone maintenance, so you can keep it looking incredible long after we install it. For regular updates on our business and the range of products we offer, follow our blog. We also include tips on how to choose the best natural stone for your home. As such, our blog is a must-read for any stylish homeowner.

So, next time you think ‘I want to improve my home, where can I find natural stone products near me’, think of Coulon Stone. Contact us to find out more about how we could be the perfect stone suppliers for your next project. We have a range of products to suit everyone, no matter what you need.

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