For a long time now, granite has been leader of the pack when it comes to low maintenance, long-lasting worktop materials. A hard-wearing, natural stone granite can withstand the rough and tumble of even the busiest family homes. But it’s time to stand down granite, as there is a newly developed material out there, even stronger, more heat resistant, completely stain and scratch resistant, and even anti-bacterial.

Developed and manufactured in Italy, Lapitec is a sintered stone created from 100% highly refined minerals and fired at over 1,200˚C, allowing it’s developers to create a material with a similar chemistry and mineralogy to granite, but with increased durability and maintenance properties.

This man-made stone is so strong, it not only works well in kitchens and other interior projects, but as property cladding, patios and even outdoor furniture. In fact, it’s so tough, stone fabricators need special tools to cut and polish it.

Up-keeping your Lapitec surface is virtually non-existent as it’s completely scratch resistant, non-absorbent, mould resistant and carries antibacterial properties.

And finding a Lapitec surface that fits your project isn’t hard, as it comes in a broad range of colours, including cool greys, veined whites and plum purples. Seven different textures, from glossy, to flame brushed, as well as three thicknesses – 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Coulon Stone Ltd are approved Lapitec fabricators, so visit our showroom to look at samples and get a free, no obligation quote for your Lapitec project.

Or visit our supplier, The Marble and Granite Centre, quoting 'Coulon Stone' when you arrive, and you can see full slabs, giving you a better idea of what each colour looks like in full.