Marble front steps that perfect your pumpkin decoration

Marble front steps

When many of us think of marble, we think of beautiful Italian palaces, places of great expense and luxury and of course, that incredible off-white veiny stone that sets any residence off beautifully. Marble is also popular to use for floors, worktops and staircases throughout homes in the UK. But what about our front doorsteps? Often not thought about but used frequently every day, marble front steps could perfect the exterior of your home, and, of course, it’s a brilliant place to put those excellent pumpkin carvings you have worked on for Halloween!

The elegance and practicality of marble in your home

There is no doubt that marble brings a sense of beauty and elegance to your home like no other stone. The sleek look and feel, the practicalities of the stone and the vast array of colours marble can bring all add up to it being a great addition wherever you choose it. Having marble at the entrance to your home can finish the exterior look of your property and leave it looking expensive and beautiful.

As mentioned, marble is not only an elegant choice, but it’s also efficient for use in heavy footfall areas. Our front doors are probably the highest area of traffic in our homes. Leaving and coming home from work, inviting friends and neighbours over, and of course, the prime place for our yearly pumpkin creations at Halloween. Marble is hardwearing, easy to clean and long-lasting, so when you choose to utilise this stone for your front step, you can be sure that you will be using it for years to come.

Choosing the perfect marble for the front steps of your home

Although many of us have an image of marble being that beautiful, sleek, off-white colour that we associate with those expensive Chelsea homes, marble actually comes in a vast range of colours and styles – making it perfect for a variety of homes. Having this great choice means you are not limited to trying to match your home to your marble and rather, matching the marble to your home just got a lot easier.

Coulon Stone are experts in natural stone and have a huge variety of luxurious marble for you to look through and choose from. From classic off-white veiny designs synonymous with expensive marble to beautiful blues and greens full of depth and detail, you will be sure to find the perfect style and colour that is the ideal match for the exterior of your home. Take a look at our range of marble choices on our gallery page.

The benefits of choosing marble for your front steps

There are so many benefits to choosing marble for your home, and it’s not all about the luxurious feel that it naturally brings. Check out our top benefits below if you need any more of a reason to incorporate marble into your home:

Elegant and aesthetically pleasing – there can be no doubt that marble is one of the most beautiful stones on offer for our homes. Choose marble to add a touch of luxury to the exterior of your home.

Hardness and long-lasting – this natural stone choice is practical for busy homes due to its hardness. Making it watertight means it’s perfect for a stylish front step.

Easy to clean and maintain – marble used for exteriors is easy to clean and maintain, and doing so will keep your steps looking new. Check out our points below to see how to clean your marble.

Increased property value – marble is joined at the hip with luxury and expense, so it’s no wonder incorporating it into your home will increase your property value.

Incredible range of choices – As previously mentioned, marble doesn’t just come in the classic off-white Italian marble choice (although you can, of course, choose this for your home). Marble has an endless array of colours and styles to choose from.

Coulon Stone create the perfect entrance to your home every time

As stone experts who have been working in the trade for over 20 years, Coulon Stone can offer both advice and guidance on any renovation project you are thinking of undertaking that involves the use of natural stone. Whether you are looking for guidance on which stones to consider using or searching for the perfect stone colour to incorporate into your home, you are sure to find the answers to both at our conveniently based showroom or on the phone with one of our friendly team. To visit us, simply give us a call and book the best time, then come on down to our showroom in Stokenchurch, just off the M40, and be amazed by choice of stone we have to offer.

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