Mix up your kitchen with this huge interior trend

Mix Up Your Kitchen With This Huge Interior Trend (1)

But striking a harmonious balance mixing so many elements can be challenging. Start with the worktops. Mixing worktop materials creates practical kitchen zones. For example chose a durable, heat and stain resistant natural stone like granite or slate where you cut and cook, and something softer and more tactile where you eat and entertain. If you have an island unit make it a focal point by choosing a different material to the main worktop. Or include a wooden butcher’s block to break up a long marble surface. And did you know natural stones come in multiple textures, from your classic smooth and shiny to rustic flame brushed.

There’s been a move away from the stark, shiny kitchen interiors of recent years. Pure white cabinets with glossy worktops are losing popularity whereas the layered looks of the past are making a comeback. Mixing materials, colours and textures creates a cosy, warm and inviting interior with visuals that excite the eyes and mind.

They’re lower maintenance spaces than shiny modernism as imperfections and untidiness is easily disguised. They also give you the opportunity to think innovatively about the materials you’re using including choosing materials with the lowest environmental impact, looking locally and up-cycling.  It also gives you the opportunity to include all sorts of looks that you love, you don’t have to stick to one style.

Rather than shiny cabinets, try matte colours mixed with some exposed wood. And there are many choices of flooring that will add warmth and beauty to your mixed materials kitchen. If you’ve chosen a natural stone worktop, try terracotta tiles. Or if you’ve gone for a wooden top, try a slate floor.  Choose open shelves to expose the varying textiles of your appliances and kitchen ware.

Creating a kitchen with mixed materials in mind gives you the opportunity to design a space that works for you practically but also the opportunity to think creatively and innovatively.

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