New year, new kitchen – A look at 2020’s upcoming kitchen trends

Polished Titanium Granite Island With A Downstand (4)

The excitement and excess of Christmas has died down, and the New Year brings a craving for rejuvenation. Restoration to our mind and body begin, and for many our homes too. So to kick-start 2020 with some home décor inspiration, we’ve put together three of the upcoming year’s most titillating trends to transform your kitchen.

Marble Madness

New Year New Kitchen 02

Marble has never gone out of trend, it’s been a constant in luxurious interior design for thousands of years. However with the recent boom in marble décor, it’s become a far more accessible surface bringing a little bit of luxury to all our homes. In 2020 the busier and bolder the marble the better. Why not try a green marble like Verde Guatemala, or the heavily veined Calcutta Oro. And double your marble for real impact, imagine a marble worktop with matching floor tiles. For the red wine drinkers you could try a marble inspired quartz. A man-made, engineered material which is less prone to staining but gives you the luxurious look of marble.

Standout Sinks

Why can’t your sink be the focal point of your kitchen? In 2020 people will be replacing traditional farmhouse styles with natural stone sinks. Bring the outside in with an earthy toned soapstone, or create a rustic, unpolished feel with a granite sink paired with brass or copper taps. Some quartz companies are also offering sinks. It could match your kitchen worktop or be something completely different for a bold, show stopping look. Many natural and engineered stones are ideal for sinks as they’re heat resistant and non-porous. They also don’t stain easily and are simple to clean.

Dark Drama

Black cupboards were popular last year, but in 2020 the dark drama won’t stop there. Black is no longer an accent colour but a full theme. Matte black granite or slate worktops paired with black cabinetry, walls and dark flooring creates a luxurious and alluring space.

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