Marble front steps that perfect your pumpkin decoration

Marble front steps
When many of us think of marble, we think of beautiful Italian palaces, places of great expense and luxury and of course, that incredible off-white veiny stone that sets any residence off beautiful...
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Beautiful natural stone buildings around the world

natural stone buildings 
The use of natural stone for buildings is one of the most popular options for designers, architects and builders. There are many reasons why natural stone is used in buildings, including natural be...
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The ultimate guide to choosing your kitchen worktop

The ultimate guide to choosing your kitchen worktop | Coulon Stone
Whether you are looking to upgrade the kitchen in your current home, or looking to renovate the worktops in a new property, there are numerous options available to choose from. The worktops are one...
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We’re Powered By Solar (And Other Eco Changes We’ve Made)

With customer’s wanting to support local businesses who align with their environmental values, it’s never been more important to look around and take steps to reduce our environmental impact, and t...
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Composite Stone Worktops to enhance your kitchen

Pexels Max - Composite Stone Worktops
Our kitchen is the heart of our home. They are an entertainment hub where friends and family flock to gather for a meal and connect with each other, and this means that for many of us the kitchen i...
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Bringing the outside in: Natural Stone products in your home

Natural Stone products near me,Incorporate natural stone in the home products near me,Incorporate natural stone in the home
Natural stones are a stunning material for kitchen, backsplash and bathroom surfaces. There is quite an extensive range from which to choose. The many colours and patterns of natural stone tiles of...
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Create a Staycation Spot with Natural Stone

Marble Table Top - Staycation
After a year of lockdown restrictions many of us are yearning for that unique sense of relaxation and peace only a holiday can bring. But with the upcoming months still unknown make the most of sum...
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Need Help With Interior Design? We Know Just The Business.

Coulon Design Bespoke Rug - Interior Design
As a local business who have spent 30 years in people’s homes and businesses key to our success and longevity has been strong, local business partnerships. This allows us to provide customers with ...
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Are Granite Worktops Low Maintenance?

Lemurian Blue Granite Kitchen Worktop (2)
The kitchen is the hub of the home; a place for cooking and conversation, eating and entertaining. As such, upgrading the kitchen can have a positive impact on how you live, as well as adding to th...
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A “fitting memorial” at RAF High Wycombe

RAF High Wycombe Memorial
Coulon Stone are delighted to receive a letter from RAF High Wycombe thanking them for all their “hard work and commitment” when fitting a beautiful memorial in time for Remembrance Day 2020. The m...
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