No matter the size of your bathroom you can create a bathroom retreat.

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No matter the size of your bathroom, you deserve a retreat, a space to wash away your worries or refresh for the day ahead. If your bathrooms on the small size it’s the perfect opportunity to lean in to boldly patterned wallpapers or uniquely designed tiles. Or perhaps you have a larger bathroom and you’re able to create your own spa, with natural tones and a luxuriously large shower. Whatever the size of your space or the budget that you have we have some bathroom ideas that will make your 2022 morning routine that little bit more luxe.

Upcycling Vintage Furniture

It’s important in 2022 that we are making more planet friendly decisions when designing our homes, and our bathrooms are no exception. One way of adding a uniquely interesting piece to your bathroom whilst keeping sustainability in mind could be upcycling a sideboard or chest of drawers to create a vanity unit. Perhaps you already have a piece of furniture at home that’s in need of a second life, but if not head to your local antique furniture shop, charity shop or recycling centre. Once you’ve chosen your piece Coulon Stone can help create and install a bespoke vanity top and sink, either from a natural or manmade stone picked out by you. With a natural stone top made from marble, granite or limestone it will be easy to clean and maintain, whilst using a piece of furniture provides ample storage for your bathroom essentials.

Vintage Furniture Vanity Top (Photo Credit: Amy Sklar)

Vintage Furniture Vanity Top (Photo Credit: Amy Sklar)

At Coulon Stone protecting our planet is important to us so we’ve also been making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2021 we had 90 solar panels installed on our roof powering our factory, showroom and office. We also had a water recycling system fitted which is particularly important as water is necessary when cutting and polishing natural and composite stones due to the huge amounts of dust this is created when cutting into them. Next up we want to invest in electric-powered vans.

White Marble Open Showers

Open showers are gaining popularity in people’s homes. They maximise space in smaller shower rooms or create a spa like feel in bigger bathrooms. Using a white marble creates a classic, refined look, whilst cleaning and maintaining is fuss-free. For guides on how to maintain natural stones, including marble visit our maintainence page. For a budget friendly option we recommend man-made composite stones, many of which come in marble style designs like the one photographed meaning you can create that classic and luxurious marble look without the price tag.

Open Shower In Marble-Style Composite Quartz (photo Credit Joshua Smith)

Open Shower In Marble- Style Composite Quartz (photo Credit Joshua Smith)

Statement Stone

As mentioned above it can be fun to play with bold patterns and colours in our bathrooms, particularly if you have a small space. However, wallpaper is not always the best option, particularly in rooms with showers that are regularly used. If you’re looking for something more practical than wallpaper for your bathroom space but still want a bold and bright look, than a statement stone could be just what you need. A glassy onyx in green and pink, or a highly veined granite in gold and black perfectly blends practicality with beautiful design. Coulon Stone are experts in sourcing unique natural and composite stones, so even if you have a bold idea but don’t know if it’s possible, or that the colour or texture of stone you have in-mind exits then please get in touch as we will be able to guide you.

Titanium Granite (Satinato Finish) Toilet Vanity Top

Titanium Granite (Satinato Finish) Toilet Vanity Top

If you’re looking for more bathroom inspiration visit our Instagram (@coulonstoneltd) and Pinterest (@coulonstone) pages, and our website where as well as our gallery you’ll also find information on our news page about where to begin and what things you need to think about when deciding to update your fireplace.