Create a Staycation Spot with Natural Stone

Marble Table Top - Staycation

After a year of lockdown restrictions many of us are yearning for that unique sense of relaxation and peace only a holiday can bring. But with the upcoming months still unknown make the most of summer by turning your outside space in to a staycation spot – a seductive space where you can escape and de-stress.  Below are some tips on how to apply those all important holiday essentials – relaxation, entertainment and earthly elements – to your garden.


Start with a clean-up. Power-wash the patio, clean out the shed and get rid of moss and weeds. Cleaning will make the space more useable, welcoming and relaxing. And keeping the features low maintenance means less time stressing, and more time enjoying your garden. Include perennial plants that will return each year and quality stone surfaces that won’t require regular repair, like a slate or granite patio, both of which come in a variety of textures and colour finishes.

Create Zones

Like your home, create zones. An outdoor cooking zone complete with a natural stone worktop and BBQ or pizza oven, then a zone for dining and a comfy lounging zone. Invest in good quality outdoor furniture in a style that you love and want to use every summer. A natural stone dining table top made from a material like granite or slate is perfect for an outdoor space because they are able to withstand all of Britain’s weather systems, and are wipe clean.

Use outdoor rugs and vibrant cushions to create a cosy lounge space. Use bright plants, colourful pots and a brightly painted wall or fence to add movement and that sense of fun you feel on holiday. Having the open sky above gives you space to you use bold and bright designs. Also include a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music outside and create a space for activities and games – croquet, bat and ball or boules. Moving about releases happy hormones.

Jura Blue Grey Limestone Patio Table Top

Jura Blue Grey Limestone Patio Table Top

Earthy Elements – Fire and Water

A holiday’s not complete without fire or water. They draw us in and allow us to escape. A natural stone fire pit means you can use your garden for longer and encourages everyone to gather round and enjoy the outside. A water feature or pond encourages nature to the garden and creates a sense of calm – close your eyes, can you hear the gentle trickle of water gently cascading down a rugged piece of granite or ancient sarsen stone.

Get in touch with Coulon Stone for ideas on how to use natural stone in your staycation project, including water features, table tops, patios, fire pits, swimming pool coping and outdoor kitchens.