We’re Powered By Solar (And Other Eco Changes We’ve Made)


With customer’s wanting to support local businesses who align with their environmental values, it’s never been more important to look around and take steps to reduce our environmental impact, and that’s exactly what Coulon Stone have done.

Well timed alongside the government’s recent environmental campaign, Coulon Stone have made a number of big changes to the way the business is powered. The ‘Together For Our Planet’ campaign introduced in May recognises the importance and impact of the UK’s small businesses and urges them to lead the charge to net zero emissions with a number of resources and initiatives to help along the way.

Coulon Stone have invested in a solar panel system to power the factory. A whopping 90 solar panels have been installed onto our factory roof meaning that on average 75% of our electricity will be renewable, and any extra power the panels create will be put back in to the national grid. This is really exciting news as it massively decreases our environmental impact, and will save some money too.


Another big change made at Coulon Stone was investing in a water recycling system. Stone masonry is dusty work so involves a lot of water to keep the masons safe. The CNC saws use water whilst cutting to keep the blades cool as they carve through natural stones, as well as washing away the dust. Hand polishing tools also use water for the same reasons, and we also have a water based machine which collects dust from the air. The new water recycling system holds around 4000 litres of water and uses a flocculent system causing the dust and sediment to settle on the bottom of the tank so it can be collected and removed from the water. Managing Director Simon Coulon and his team say the water system has made a big difference to their work as they feel able to use more water to keep the factory clean and free of dust, whilst knowing it’s planet friendly.

Water System

Water System

Coulon Stone was able to access a grant through our local council to contribute to the costs of these really important eco changes, and we urge any other small businesses in the area to do the same. Please feel free to visit our factory and showroom and we’d be happy to show you the eco-friendly changes we’ve made.