What is Composite Quartz?

Silestone (Cemento Spa) Kitchen Worktop (3) man-made quartz

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth, and it’s also one of the hardest. Over 60 years ago early manufacturers of composite or man-made quartz saw its potential as a hardy surface material, and since its conception have been proved right, as it has rivalled natural counterparts, like marble and granite, as one of the world’s most popular surface materials for homes and businesses.

Composite quartz was first developed in the 1960s by Italian company Breton S.p.a. Breton discovered that pressing polymer resins into natural quartz crystals and applying heat created a solid surface. This innovative process meant that an abundant mineral could now be formed into a hard, usable surface. As an engineered product it also meant that they could create a number of colours depending on the pigment added and varying textures and grain sizes. It also meant that things like glass could be used for added sparkle. Breton continue to be a leading supplier of composite quartz-making equipment today.

There are many benefits to choosing composite quartz, which is why it continues to be a popular choice for kitchen worktops, bathroom floors, shower trays and walls, and even staircases and commercial flooring. Composite quartz is engineered to be a highly durable, low-maintenance surface, resistant to chips, stains, watermarks and burns. It’s easy to clean and its low porosity limits bacterial growth. As an engineered product each slab is uniform and many customers favour this over natural stones which come with unique markings. These days engineering has advanced and many composite quartz company’s make products which imitate natural stones like marble, meaning customers can get the clean and classic look of marble with higher durability properties and lower maintenance.

Frost White Quartz Staircase (1)

Frost White Quartz Staircase

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