Why should you consider memorial restoration in 2022?

Memorial Restoration

The importance of memorial restoration

A memorial is a statue or structure that is put in place to remind people of a past event, a historic place or a person/group who need commemorating. Featured throughout towns and cities and depicting various past events and people who supported the country in various ways, it’s important to conduct memorial restoration regularly to prevent this historic memorial from breaking down and being forgotten about.

Common reasons why memorials break down

Weather processing – weathering has a lot to do with the breakdown of memorials. These statues are out in all weathers over a very long period of time and it’s, therefore, no wonder that they need to be restored regularly in order to maintain their beauty and purpose.

Material breakdown – The products your memorial are constructed of will have a big impact on how they are breaking down over time. Older memorials may be made of sandstone or slate which can crumble or lose their impact over time. Modern memorials tend to be constructed from granite, marble or iron which lasts longer than the original materials.

Vandalism and abuse – it is unfortunate but apparent that many people are intent on destroying or vandalising memorials. This could be through mindless graffiti or through targeted destruction due to what the statue – generally a person – conducted during their life. Recently, memorials have been targeted as the person in the memorial may have been part of racist behaviour including the purchase of slaves.

Age and time – much like the weathering process, the age of the memorial plays a big factor in its breakdown as well as the time it has spent outside without any prior restoration. To avoid time destroying your memorial, we recommend getting your memorial cared for regularly by a stonemason.

Choosing a trusted stonemason for your memorials

Your memorial should be treated with special care and attention, by a team that has experience in working on delicate projects. A stonemason is perfect for memorial restoration and there are several points you should consider when searching for the right company to support your memorial:

Experience is key

If you are looking for an experienced stonemason, the best place to start is accreditation and qualifications that the company has received. Whilst this is not the only element to consider, it can give you a good starting point as you will need a team that has the experience and skills required to restore your ageing monument.

Do you have a local stonemason team?

Working with a local stonemason team will always be more beneficial to your memorial and your project. A local stonemason knows the area better and will possibly even know the memorial in question, giving them background and context before the project has begun. Coulon Stone are a local stonemason team based in High Wycombe and supporting across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties with restoration and home projects.

Getting the right quote for the work

Stonemasonry is a highly skilled role and a lot of experience is required to successfully restore memorials. For this reason, getting your memorial restored is not going to be incredibly cheap. However, you may want to look at several quotes before moving forward to confirm you are heading in the right direction. Don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest option as this will often leave your memorial in a worse state.

Support with aftercare for your memorial

Once your memorial has been restored, you may want to consider discussing aftercare with your stonemason. If you want to preserve your memorial for years to come, aftercare is paramount to this. If your stonemason cannot provide you with aftercare tips and guidance, they are possibly not the right company for you to go with. A stonemason should be able to provide advice and guidance on looking after your project.

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Coulon Stone work on memorial restorations across the UK

Since 1990, Coulon Stone has supported individuals, churches and businesses with the restoration and construction of stone projects they are undertaking. We take pride in being able to offer a first-class service through an experienced and friendly team of stonemasons. Our support doesn’t stop after we have assisted in your memorial restoration. Our aftercare advice and guidance ensures you can continue looking after your memorial long after it has been restored.

If you are looking to speak to an experienced team member, give us a call today. Why not visit our low carbon workspace showroom based in Stokenchurch, with great links to the M40. Our team are happy to work across the Chilterns, London, Herts, Oxfordshire and further if it means making your memorial whole again.