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Chestnuts roasting on your new open stone fireplace in 2022

Chestnuts roasting on your new open stone fireplace in 2022

December 2022

When buying a natural stone surface, for example a granite kitchen worktop, or marble shower tray from your local stone mason, depending on the size of your project, you often have to buy a whole slab of stone, with some off-cuts created in the fabrication process. Most off-cuts are crushed up and used as hardcore in the building trade, or used to create terrazzo, a popular composite stone. But it’s 2023 and sustainability has staying power, both environmental, as well as financial, so why not make the most out of those typically unused pieces of stone.

Stone Trims

If you’ve taken the time to choose a beautifully unique piece of stone, why not carry those natural qualities throughout your home. Using marble, granite, limestone or slate as windowsills, shelves or even door frames highlight the architectural details of your space, as well as adds natural textures and organic shapes. Homes stripped of synthetics and focusing on natures qualities will continue to be a big interior design choice for years to come.

In the Garden

Your garden deserves to be highlighted in natural stone as well. Granite is one of earth’s most durable stones, resistant to cracking, crumbling and generally weather’s elements. Using granite off-cuts to create a garden path will fit perfectly into the vegetation and greenery of your garden. You could also use natural stone to create edges for your flower beds, which will limit the growth of weeds too. Just ask your stone mason to cut or break pieces to size. Alternatively create a wildlife oasis with a natural stone bird bath. There are many ways your stone mason can use off-cuts to build a bird bath including sanding a dip in to a lump of stone.

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