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Explore quartz worktops at Coulon Stone Ltd

At Coulon Stone, our artists craft quartz worktops from natural stones in your desired product. We believe in providing high-quality stones and creating unique quartz composite materials. Each quartz worktop tells the story about the beauty and history of natural stone and its transformation into handmade products. Involve yourself in the elegance and durability of our quartz stone worktop, and select your unmatched design and quality. 

The nature of Quartzite

Quartzite is the most abundant mineral in the world. Quartzite is formed when the heat, pressure, and chemical reaction of metamorphism happen, it results in incredible strength and durability. The stability and beauty of quartzite make it strong and stylish, perfect for bathroom vanity tops, and kitchen worktops.

Why select our quartz worktops?

Endless Beauty: We offer a glassy and polished appearance in quartz worktops, which makes it a timeless beauty. It provides a luxurious appearance, premium durability, and superior strength. 

Affordable: Our quartz worktops are affordable with great quality and a premium feel. It balances your budget, whether you are looking for your home or business place. 

Resilience: Our quartz stone worktop is durable with a rating of 5 out of 5, our quartz can stand out with your daily needs. You can buy it with full confidence, whether for your residence surface, or floor tops.

Easy maintenance: It is the perfect pick for your home, it gives resistance to watermarks and provides a stainless floor. It is easy to maintain it in your daily life. 

Multi designs: We provide multiple designs, we can modify the stone according to your needs and give it a perfect look.


Features of our Quartzite | Quartz worktops

Thickness: it is available in 20mm or 30mm thickness, our quartzite worktops give the perfect fit to your kitchen. 

Durable: Quartzite has incredible strength and durability, that make it best for your daily life. 

Luxurious appearance: It gives a similar appearance to marble, and offers a glassy and classy feel. 

Low maintenance: It is heat-resistant and stain-proof, and you can maintain it easily. 

Visit us and discover our exclusive collection

Hurry up, and visit our showroom. We invite you to see our exclusive collection in our showroom, you select your most favourable product from numerous varieties. If you can’t find the perfect fit for your house or business place, visit our recommended supplier, The Marble and Granite Centre. Go and visit to choose your desired stone, and we’ll modify your product according to you.

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