We work closely with our suppliers to source the best natural stones from around the world including; granites, marbles, quartzites limestones and slates, along with man-made quartz from leading brands

Below is just a small selection of the materials available, please visit our showroom for a larger selection.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at our showroom we recommend you visit one of our suppliers, for example The Marble and Granite Centre, where you can pick out your stone and we’ll have it delivered to our factory to be fabricated.

Key Features

  • A natural stone.
  • Quartzite is a metamorphic rock made almost entirely of quartz (the world’s most abundant mineral.) It forms when a quartz-rich sandstone is altered by the heat, pressure, and chemical activity of metamorphism. The result is a network of interlocking quartz grains of incredible strength.
  • Quartzite’s are almost as durable as granites making them great for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops and shower trays.
  • Thicknesses: 20mm or 30mm.

People choose quartzite because:

  • Quartzite’s are incredibly beautiful often appearing glassy and highly polished.
  • Similarly to marble they have a luxurious feel to them but are more durable than marbles.
  • They are easy to maintain so work well in busy family homes.

Durability (out of 5)

  • Durability Rating: 4.2
  • Can I put a hot pan on it? Yes
  • Will it stain if I chop beetroot on it? In most cases no
  • Will it leave visible scratches if I chop on it? No
  • Is it susceptible to watermarks? No
  • Can it be made water tight? Yes
Where We Are Background

Where are we?

We are conveniently located in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, less than a mile from Junction 5 of the M40. Just a short drive from High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Marlow, Henley and Oxford, we are involved in projects all over the region.

We are happy to work across the Chilterns London Berkshire Hertfordshire Oxfordshire and beyond.